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Why use harsh soaps that dry your skin?

Most soaps on the market today are actually detergents developed during WW1 in Germany when there was a severe shortage of oils and other ingredients used in the manufacture of soaps. These soaps are really chemical laden detergent bars, rough and drying to your tender skin. 

GREENPETAL  has been making handmade 100% natural Soap for 18 years.

Our hand-cut and wrapped bars are made the old fashioned way from scratch in small batches.   Incorporating pure nutrient rich pure exotic butters & oils as a base, our soaps are further enhanced by adding other nutrient rich ingredients such as organic herbs, milks, clays, other botanicals and only Pure Essential Oils for scent and aromatherapy value. Using the “cold process” method allows us to process at a very low temperature, leaving our soap filled with the natural goodness each ingredient  offers. This assures a very mild bar of soap also rich in natural glycerin. Glycerin, a humectant and an emollient is a natural skin moisturizer and protectant and is a naturally occurring byproduct of soap-making.  

This soap gently cleanses away excess oils and bacteria, but doesn't strip your skin of its natural oils.